MissionOur mission is to allow mortgage lenders to access a previous ignored population of borrowers and allow them to take them from lead to close in the most efficient way possible through intelligent and automated software. We aim to provide access to borrowers who otherwise would have been denied a mortgage an opportunity to become well educated, prepared and qualified homeowners.VisionOur vision is that redlining will truly be a thing of the past. That race, gender, sexual orientation, social/economic status will no longer be a silent factor in determining home ownership. That our system will be the mainstream system used by all lenders so they will be able to maximize the opportunities to serve more borrowers.

Why The 40A?

The “40 A” in our name represents the phrase “Forty Acres and a Mule”. This was part of Special Fields Orders No. 15. This wartime order was to allot land to some freed families, in plots of land no larger than 40 acres. But during the reconstruction era almost all land allocated during the war was restored to its pre-war white owners. Even the few black communities that maintained control of their land and some families that obtained new land by homesteading had lost a lot of property during the extended financial recession in 1910. The surviving black communities that were thriving had also been taken. We see these examples in Tulsa, OK, Rosewood, FL & Forsyth County, GA.

Why Champion?

Champion began as Champion Lender. We started off as a mortgage company, Champions of the under-looked communities fighting for a fair chance at home ownership.

Our Technology

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Our patent technology was created to bring equity into the mortgage and lending industry.

Our Team

From Left to Right

Viola Carmona, Founder/CEO
Nicholas De Luca, Chief Operating Officer
Brittany Jacobs, Vice President

From Left to Right

Edgardo Chavez, Business Development Manager
Shaquil King, Business Development Manager
Leidys Viera, Executive Assistant

Our Board

From Left to Right

Viola Carmona Founder/Chairwoman
Viola is a mother, Navy Veteran and current Chairwoman and Founder of Champion 40A Inc and the Champion companies. Viola received her BA in Accounting from Florida International University and is a member of Phi Mu Fraternity. Viola rose to become COO of EPM, a mortgage marketing firm. Viola was a former board member of Homeless to Housed, a non-profit organization focused on reducing the homeless population . Her philosophies of housing as a basic human right and home ownership as the true viable gateway to generational wealth creation has shaped all that she has done in the industry.

Shavaughn “Shay” Baker Board Member
Shavaughn is a 16 year veteran in the mortgage industry working as a QC Analyst for CMG, Bank of the West to becoming a Compliance Analyst for Wells Fargo and First Republic Bank . She then shifted to a role as a Consultant for Santa Clara County Federal Credit Union. In her consulting role she realized consulting is where she wanted to have the most impact. She became a startup and entrepreneur consultant.Over the years she’s managed to build a growing entrepreneur support ecosystem in Oakland, CA. She amplifies the stories of entrepreneurs that reflect our diverse experiences building businesses and thriving local economies with her podcast.

Nicholas De Luca Decretary/Board Member
Nick served in the Marines for 5 years and earned the rank as Sergeant prior to graduating magna cum laude with a BS in Quantitative Business Analysis. He spent 10 years at Dominion Capital as an Operations Manager and later the VP of Capital Markets. After Dominion He joined his sister in creating a real estate brokerage in New York where he uses his military experience to specialize in VA loans. He has also used his experience to venture into the cryptocurrency and NFT space.

Champion 40A began as a lead generation company and we continue to deliver both posted and live transfer leads today. We have well over 86 lending partners and have one of the highest conversion rates in the country. We guarantee at minimum 10% closing on all of our leads or your money back.

Our Advisors

From Left to Right

Mikhail Gurevich Investor/Advisor
Mr. Gurevich is Founder, CEO, and Managing Partner of Dominion Capital LLC. Before starting the fund Mr. Gurevich served as President and CTO of ZepInvest, a company he founded in 2007. ZepInvest is a business-to-business distribution platform for financial information providers. In his capacity Mr. Gurevich was responsible for technology and business integration. Prior to ZepInvest, Mr. Gurevich founded ClickFacts, a security and analytics company focused on providing large scale online advertising solutions. While at ClickFacts Mr. Gurevich was responsible for business strategy, product development, and system architecture. Mr. Gurevich holds MBA, and BS in Electrical Engineering degrees from Boston University. He is also the recipient of 2011 Distinguished Young Alumni Award from Boston University College of Engineering, and 2014 Young Alumni Award from Boston University

David Danovitch Legal Advisor
Mr. Danovitch is the director of Sullivan’s Corporate Department in New York. He has extensive transaction experience representing issuers, broker-dealers and investment funds in financings, capital markets transactions, and mergers and acquisitions. David’s clients span a variety of industries and his practice includes such matters as general corporate governance, securities regulation, mergers and acquisitions, and financings. He also maintains several securities industry licenses, including the Series 24 (Registered Principal), Series 7 (General Securities), Series 79 (Investment Banking), and Series 99 (Operations), which gives him a unique insight into the challenges facing regulated firms.
David handles both regulatory and transactional work for broker-dealers. His regulatory practice addresses virtually all securities law-related statutory and regulatory requirements applicable to broker-dealers and their affiliates, covering employee issues; sales and trading; development of compliance and supervisory procedures; satisfaction of margin, capital and recordkeeping requirements; the rules of the financial industry self-regulatory organizations; anti-money laundering; and privacy.

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